An image-stitched map of Atland.

Atland is the first town in the game and this is where your adventure starts. It has white buildings with brown roofs and is surrounded by white walls. A small river is going from the mountain by Gold Cave and through the town. Atland is surrounded by what appears to be a lake or a sea. A small beach is accessible at the southernmost past of the town. This Town is inhabited by a lot of people, dogs and chicken. A weapon shop, potion shop and a large temple in the center of the town is present.

Atland might be the place where Nasir, the Champion of Light and the main character of the game grew up as most if its people knows him. Atland has a mining cave called Gold Cave which is at the time of the game inhabited by demons. Giles is trapped in there and Nasir's first mission is to rescue him. His second mission is to face the boss Samson who were locked in a room in Gold Cave by faith healer, one of the citizens of Atland. To enter his room Nasir needs Samson's Key which faith healer holds.

After defeating Samson, Atland is no longer accessible.

Items in AtlandEdit

Bandit Armor 100 G Strength +10
Healing Pot 10 G Restores 30 HP
Iron Shield 50 G Defense +5
Shiny Stone 20 G Restores 20 MP instantly
Short Sword 150 G Defense +5