Denegul is a town located on a hot spring, next to a mountainous volcano, commonly known as the "Dwarf Cave". It is known as a calm and quiet town with several busy people walking about, doing errands.

Thor can be spotted here, this is Nasir's second encounter with him. He asks Nasir for a favor, he dropped his Pendant and Nasir had to go back to Voloh to acquire it.

Despite being only the third town, Denegul contains the last shop of the entire game - The player can buy the Sonic Armor and the Great Shield here. Doing so will greatly assist the player through the dangerous and health-consuming interiors of the Dwarf Cave. However, these equipments are quite expensive.

Armor Shop in DenegulEdit

Great Sheild 1,200 G Defense +50
Sonic Armor 1,800 G Defense +50