Gold Is the main currency in Lagoon. Nasir can carry a maximum of 65 535 Gold at any given time. Gold can be used to buy equipments and items for Nasir to use. When defeating a certain enemy, a set value of gold is always given to the player for every single enemy that is defeated in the game.

In lagoon, shopping is quite restrictive, there are only three shops in the entire game. Once you reach Phantom Hill, the Gold is rendered useless, because there's no way to spend it, and you can't go back to any of the shops in the game.


  • 65 535 gold can be carried because of how the game engine works. The 16-bit system is working such as 16x16=256. 256x256 = 65 536 (216), but 0 is an "alternative" so that's 65 535. This is the maximum of an unsigned 16-bit number. That's also the reason for the max experience being 65 535 and max magic, hp, etc being 255. Higher amount would lead to minor slowdown whereas the engine is forced to calculate a new value, which lead to lag.