Nasir exploring the Gold Cave.

Gold Cave is Atland's mine which is, during the time of the game, inhabited by demons. One of the miners, Giles, is trapped inside the cave and must be rescued by Nasir. The cave consists of two floors which are arranged in a maze-like pattern to confuse the player. Some treasure chests are scattered about, one of them containing a Healing Pot.

Samson, the first boss, has been locked up by faith healer in a room on the first floor. Nasir can obtain the key from her in Atland, but only after proving his worth by rescuing Giles. Once Samson has been defeated and the player has left the area, Gold Cave and Atland can no longer be accessed.


Albino Gorrila 2 3
Spiky Blob 1 2
Skeleton 3 4


  • While all the other enemies in the cave are instantly one-hit-KO'ed by any magic spell, the Skeleton is actually impervious to all the 16 spells in the game, including the Explosive Thunder. This could be seen as a oversight by the programmers, but this is never visible to the player, because you can't go back to Gold Cave once you got the first staff. This is however possible through Game Genie codes.


Name Effect Gold*
Healing Pot
20 Gold

If you own an item and open a chest containing it, you recive gold instead.