Magic or sorcery is a supernatural ability where you can cast different types of spells. Example of spells are turning objects into another objects, changing the size of objects, making objects do something, create objects, heal wounds, revive dead people, summon beings, shoot fire, shoot electricity, create wind, create thunder, etc. Magic is not based on science, but its spells are also shown in science fiction as mental powers, and these are based on science.

Magic used by the player: Edit

In Lagoon, magic is used by Nasir, bosses, etc. For Nasir to use magic, he must combine different types of staffs and crystals. Of all combinations, he can get different types of fire, wind, earth quake, water and thunder magic. On the other hand, it is not shown in the game if bosses have to combine staffs and crystals. Nasir cannot use magic spells in Boss battles, but he can use his MP to equip rings which will greatly reduce the difficulty in defeating the bosses.

Examples of story-related magic: Edit

  • The old man in the elf village of Voloh explains to Nasir how to open up a certain door of Philip's Castle: Umm... the spell is ... "Hieke Larmerila Kemuhi".
  • The Powerful Mirror is used by Nasir to remove rocks from the entrance to Dwarf Cave.
  • The Truth Fire is considered a magic item, because it can detect if someone is lying.