Samson swinging his axe.

Samson is the first boss in the game, locked up in a room in Gold Cave, Atland's mining cave, by faith healer. Nasir's second mission is to face him. After aquiring Samson's Key from faith healer and then defeating Samson, he exits Gold Cave through another door and finds himself outside with the entrance suddenly buried by falling rocks from the mountain and, because of that, he cannot get back to Gold Cave or Atland.

Among the citizens of Atland is a myth that says that there is a way to an elf village through Gold Cave, which Nasir discovers after the entrance was buried.

Samson appears as a gigantic demonic Cyclops, disguised as a knight, with a small insignia on his left leg and a axe in his right hand. He is trying to harm the player by jumping at Nasir and slash him with his axe. After sustaining enough damage, his mask will torn off, revealing his ugly one-eyed face. At this point he will start jumping in a desperate and more unpredictable pattern. Once defeated, he will utter a screech and then explode.

By defeating Samson, Nasir is awarded with the first Magic Crystal and 100 Gold.